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A member review of the rehab center completed on Friday, April 03, 2015 1:04 PM MST.


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My son was admitted here. The first thing that struck me was the upbeat attitude of the people around me, including the residents. I heard a lot of laughter from people who were wearing resident armbands. I saw it again when I visited that Sunday. People were shooting hoops, playing ping pong, or just hanging out with family. My son went to class after class after class from 8am to 8pm. In his off time, he worked out. All the instructors had been through the program themselves, so there were no judgments, and no advise that rang hollow. It was a constant onslaught of "correct thinking" to replace "addict thinking." All day every day. On his first night he had a crisis when his anxiety medication ran out. The staff handled it promptly and effectively, refilled his prescription, and calmed him down. They also had me take him to the doctor on a 3-hour pass when they thought his blood pressure was a little high. So whatever it was, they were on it. He's now living there in a kind of "halfway" situation where he can leave, but has a 10pm curfew, still attends meetings, and gets a drug test every week. He's completely happy with the arrangement. No complaints about anything, and I already notice a difference in him. With this living arrangement, I feel as if he's less apt to fall back with his old friends and old thinking patterns. Yay!


12 & 12, Inc



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