Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Saturday, May 30, 2015 4:07 AM MST.


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Beware of Palmetto. The staff at this place are beyond unprofessional and manipulative. No matter your condition, when you meet with Dr. Hammond the first time, you will be told that you have to stay the full 90 days (or longer) or you will have no chance of success with sobriety. I can't stress enough how manipulative the dr's and counselors are. You will attend aa meetings nightly and have different classes all day on weekdays. You will have 2 "small groups" on weekdays with you and around 10 other prisoners. I say prisoners because you are trapped and if you get out of line or get behind on your assignments or make your bed improperly or not clean the main restroom properly, you will be punished. And I mean punished like cleaning a long wooden fence leading to the facility punished. Money well spent per day while you are performing some meaningless task. I would also not recommend listing anyone that they can contact. They will talk to them without your knowledge and turn them against you. You share an 8 bedroom cabin that are all pieces of crap, unless you somehow get into the nice cabin which I was told was random but it seemed that the dr's and lawyers mostly got picked. You share around $400.00 per week on food that your cabin gets from the grocery store. It sounds like enough money until you think about 8 men who are coming off a substance, hungry as hell 24/7. The food doesn't last long. And then you have FCC's, Fears Cares and Concerns. This is where you meet every morning and people call out or rat on someone in front of all the male customers and people just hop on the bandwagon and pummel the target. Oh, by the way, if you are getting accused or yelled at, the counselors also jump all over you in front of everyone. And the kicker is that you can't defend yourself nor respond for 24 hours. Even that same day after the little "love-in" is over. This place cares only about money. I hope this helps whomever is reading. I hate to be the one writing this and then you thinking about this when you go there and realizing that this is all accurate. This kind of boot camp treatment may work for you and I wish you the best. Just don't trust anyone there, especially the staff. Don't trust your cabin mates either. They will rat you out in FCC's.



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