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A member review of the rehab center completed on Saturday, May 02, 2009 3:55 AM MST.


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Was a deaf patient, enrolled and set up an interperter in a week's advance, Anne Larsen never got me interperter in, and when class started she said to me " you don't need an interpeter, we will talk loud and slowly to you " Missed 6 weeks of lectures and Group thanks to Anne Larsen's "nonexistant concern", it appears she cares more about slapping fees and fines that she keeps forgetting to mark down in her damn book,tryin to accuse me of being absent for a day i clearly remember loathing class cuz i could had been at an bbq. I hope her annoyin dog thats in the class room bothering everyone during group enjoys poopin on all the damn receipts Anne Drops under her desk. Maybe you need some glasses Anne. DO NOT GO TO A-1 Soulutions in everett or you will suffer like i did P.S. The judge dropped the case on me after i told him about this :)...Someone needs to take this old Cocakoo out of the pigeon pen I am very very serious.



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