Skagit Valley Hospital Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 11:05 AM MST.


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I have been around the world and seen health care in many counties and states. I have never seen an origination so miss managed as this. Over the years I have been billed for paid bills more than once. Sent them payments to only get a refund. Been sent to collections, TWICE, only to show the the receipt for payment and they reascend the order with no apology. Last straw was for an appointment. I showed up and was told the appointment was for the following day. I shows the card I had saying Wednesday. The receptionist called the appointment office and was told I would not be seen today but Thursday. I was in pain and needed to be seen somewhere. I just turned and walked away as she was trying to give me directions to a urgent care. I know where they are, but if "MY provider does not care, why should I stay and listen. Today I get a registered letter saying they wont provide me care any longer. LOL. The only way I will go back to this hospital is if I am not able to tell the EMT that due to being unconscious. I would not trust them with my life if they cant not get an appointment or bill right.



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