Pikes Peak Dialysis Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the dialysis center completed on Monday, April 04, 2016 11:49 AM MST.


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The staff does NOT like to give patients any attention. The machines will have their flow rates turned down and silenced time-and-time again only to allow patients' lines to clot. The place is SEVERELY understaffed and mismanaged. The nurses and technicians are always rushed whether from an outside influence or due to their own inability to cope with the stress of a dialysis center. While they MAY listen to your concerns, nothing will be done to address them aside from a possible technician change. All amenities have been removed including the ice and water dispenser. They have also recently refused lidocaine injections prior to fistula piercing due to the danger it presents the fistula, yet they give the patients NO CHOICE in the matter, or any matter it seems. Steer clear unless you are travelling or getting established in the area. The smaller clinics are most likely going to be a better fit for most people.



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