Turning Point Centers Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 9:02 PM MST.


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Our -21- year old son (a heroin addict) was admitted in June of 2015. We took him for a tour of the facility and were told by Dan the admissions agent that they would take care of medical detox. We left that Friday afternoon around 1pm with hope (albeit naïve). We left spending money with Dan thinking that they would lock it up and administer the money as needed. That Friday evening around 10pm, someone at the center called us and said they were taking our son to a facility in South Jordan for detox. We wondered at the time, why they didn’t handle in-house, however, being too trusting, we didn’t question. Later that evening around 11:30pm, the hospital called and said our son was being discharged. He did not go through medical detox. He was given saline, IV’s etc. We were told to come pick him up. Unbelievable!!! We thought we had left him in good hands. We delivered him back to Turning Point where he let himself in through a coded door. That Sunday, my husband visited and watched the US Open with him. He didn’t feel well and didn’t have the necessary drugs or personal therapy to totally medically detox. My husband left (not having a point of reference) that this is the way it goes. Unfortunately, things didn’t get better. The money that we thought was safely under control was given back to him. He and a roommate (another heroin addict) conspired and took a cab to the Rio Grande District, purchased “H” and smoked in the rehab. They were caught on camera and “kicked out” the next day. Don’t let the nice facility, the smooth sales approach, etc. fool you. Make sure you ask the right questions, we were neophytes and I feel we were taken advantage of. Our son has culpability, but they should know what they are getting into when admitting a heroin addict. P.S. This was our first rehab experience. We were very vulnerable, unclear of the true ramifications of heroin addiction and ready to accept anything that offered hope. Don’t fall into the trap we did.



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