Woods at Parkside Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Monday, May 23, 2016 8:01 AM MST.


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If you are thinking of sending a loved one or going your self to get help...STAY AWAY! I am not joking or upset. I have been to many rehab places and this place is a joke! Not only was it very dirty there including mold on walls and shower curtains dirty bathrooms carpets was mold stained and smells holes in the walls and ceilings, the place is very unsanitary! Now about the staff...the staff uses the "F" work while in classes for one...another is, the counselors one named Neil has this problem where we meet in a room to have group and he falls to sleep!!! We sat in group for one hour straight while these two people there for recovery was talking about how to get drugs where to get them etc...I spoke up and asked Neil HEY he didnt wake up, another person touched his arm he raised his head up and I said HEY again he said "yes?" I asked what are we in this class today to learn...he went on to talk about the class we had about a half hour ago. How can Parkside have counselors working there that falls to sleep??? Another thing is, you get 4 1/2 to 5 hour sleep TOPS! They also give Suboxone out like candy there! And for alcohol withdraw they keep you "hooked" on other drugs. This all is to break you down where you cannot think "Brain wash you" so you dont realize the paper work your signing to keep you there for as long as they can. Yes some people do need extra stay and help, but we do need our rest!!! Classes idea is super great, but they scream and yell at you and use the "F" word trying to scare you. NOT a good way to recover. I could go on and on about that place, but please, if you or your loved one truly wants help and not just get on more drugs and be brain washed to use up your insurance, STAY AWAY FROM THERE!!! Do your research, find a place where they help people who truly wants the help. I might add here that all the staff there are confused to what they are doing! Some of the people there was doing heroin in the rehab! They was found out, but staff yelled and screamed at EVERYONE that was not involved. I hope and pray that the board of health will check up on the building and rooms and that the CEO's will screen their staff! This is a place for people who are homeless have no place to go and or wants to use their drugs. I pray for each and everyone of the people who are still in there and will sign in. My advise is stay away and find a better place like Mary Haven or Harding in Columbus. Please take this serious, drug addition is deadly and this is not the place to get the true help you need. I give this place a -10 Minus 10!!!



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