A Forever Recovery Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Wednesday, October 05, 2016 9:42 PM MST.


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A Forever Recovery can be the best place if you or your loved one struggle with an addiction. This facility has very great programs which focus on the person`s needs and what is the best and what makes the recovery easier that for the person. Every patients can find the right treatment for themselves. A Forever Recovery don`t have the one-fit-all program. I like all the classes the facility has and it always comes up with something new. AFR is part of many events and I think that is the best thing that the patients can meet people during they rehab. It tells a lot about this facility it is not like a prison where they lock the patients in and when the time comes they just let them out and who knows what`s going to happen to them. This place is different. I like the most that they don`t talk about the addiction which is a good thing. People know why they decided to go to A Forever Recovery for don`t need to remind them what they did wrong in the past. They want to recover and that`s the main point. I love that about A Forever Recovery. If you`re thinking about turn into a rehab facility or just want to help to somebody I would highly recommend this rehab facility don`t hesitate to give it a call. You`ll find the right way of the recovery for yourself or your loved one.



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