A New Perspective Counseling Centers Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, February 16, 2017 8:29 AM MST.


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I am going to be transferring to a different counseling center. This place has no respect for its customers and no regard for a persons struggles in their personal lives. They discharged me without notification because I missed too many days. The first class that I attended there was about 5 days after giving birth. Me and my child where still staying in the hospital and I still had the hospital wristband on my wrist. I have been assigned to do track D counseling which is around 45 classes. I have currently been with them for about 25 of these classes. I figured that I would have been shown more respect or at least been given a notification that I was discharged as I have been a long running customer of theirs. I have an 8 month old daughter now and I have been going through many struggles with her father, many personal struggles, which I have made them aware of. They were aware that I have not yet found reliable childcare for my daughter which is one of the main reasons for my absences. I do not recommend this counseling center in anyway. The counseling is drab. It feels like a complete waste of time and as I said before, they have no regard for, or respect for their customers. Creative counseling is where I will be transferring to. Hopefully it will be a better alternative.



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