A Forever Recovery Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, June 08, 2017 2:40 AM MST.


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I would like to recommend this drug and alcohol rehab facility to everyone who is looking for a stable solution to their addiction problems. They have helped numerous people who have been addicts for a long period, and they will help you doesnt matter what problem you have. I know this because I have a friend who has been at their facility, and now its been a year or more that he didnt touch any drugs, and now he is working at this facility, and I am always amazed at the stories he tells me. I see a huge change in him. Actually if you didn't know him before, you would never think that he ever used drugs. The difference that I see with this facility and others, that the staff memebrs are really eager to help others, and they are there because they want to help. Further ore, they have this very cool attituded towards clients, they are not like a hosbital, but treat you more like a family. I have visited him a few times, and it is really a familial approach, they treat eveyone with respect, and they are so warm and welcoming. On top of it it has such a beaityful surroundings, it is so calming, just by being there, you feel instaltly better. I am sure this plays a role in the recovery too. I would really suggest you to give them a call and visit them, you will undoubtedly choose them. Good luck!



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