Evergreen Livingston Health & Rehab Review by Anonymous

A member review of the nursing home completed on Sunday, July 02, 2017 5:26 PM MST.


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The nursing staff was knowledgeable and friendly. The staff were responsive to your needs with one exception. It was difficult to get a shower. I had one shower in three weeks. The food was non eddible unless you were realy starving. I lost 25 lb in two weeks.The rotation of the nursing staff was confusing. This facility really needs a computerized tracking system. It was hard for me to imagine how many mistakes they make do to current hand system. I learned to check my meds really close. The facility receives and F- for cleanliness. It was actually scary. In two weeks my room was swept and kinda mopped once The TVs, were useless. I was unable to read the basketball scores and most the time not recognize the players. I am guess they were about a 18" screen. I would not want to be a long term patient at Evergreen. The A+ goes to there PT department. The staff were well trained and knowledgeable. If not for them I most likely would still be there. The beds did not work most of the time and must be from the 50's. Surely they can find better used equipment as other hospitals upgrade theres. I am most thankful to a handful of qualified nurses who were able to diagnose some serious medical issues that arose, and got me to the hospital for detailed care.



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