Providence Seaside Hospital Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Friday, July 21, 2017 12:23 PM MST.


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I wish I could give this hospital zero stars. I took my 2 year old into the walk-in clinic, upon recommendation from the front desk, for a possible broken leg. We waited 30 minutes in the lobby, then another 30 minutes in the room until finally the doctor came in. After 2 minutes we were sent then to x-ray and waited another 30 minutes. They proceeded to grab his broken leg where it was fractured, turn him and his leg, all while my child was screaming in pain and now frantic because he was terrified of being hurt by the doctor again. Once we were finally back in the room, we waited over 45 minutes for the doctor to come in and tell us he had broken his leg but they couldn't splint it and then threw an unfamiliar disease into the mix with an already frazzled mother. Not once did they say they had to send x-rays to another hospital to be read for a broken bone until my mother finally asked after being at the hospital with minimal news for over 3 hours at this point! I had to ask for tylenol for my child after 4 hours, and finally asked for the x-rays to be placed on a disk so I could take my child elsewhere to be treated. There were so many things wrong with this visit: They wanted my child to be weighed and measured by STANDING on his broken leg. They wiggled his leg while he was screaming not to touch it. They told me he had Rickets disease and that's why he broke his leg, and then walked out of the room (which he does not have--saw a specialist in Portland and they told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with his bones in formation or density). They told me he broke his FIBIA when in actuality he broke his TIBIA. Very different. They sent me for 8 x-rays of both legs--unnecessary exposure to radiation! This only names a few of the problems I had while seeking help for my 2 year old! Word of advice, GO TO PORTLAND and see someone at Randall's Children's Hospital (Emmanuel) where they actually know what they are talking about with broken bones, don't terrify a mother with an unknown disease, expose you and your child to unneeded tests and radiation, and actually get your child treated in a timely manner!



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