Watershed Treatment Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Friday, December 08, 2017 11:00 AM MST.


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This place is a nightmare. Upon arrival, they confiscate your wallet and cell phone. When you want to leave, they hold onto your stuff for 24 hours, so where can you go until they “say” you can leave, after pressuring you to go to one of their PHPs (where drugs are smuggled in and folks replapse on drugs and alcohol). They are quick to have you sign your life away. However, once in, the care ends. I was not given my anti-depressant for 4 days, was taken cold turkey off of other meds that I should have been weaned off of, and out on meds I didn’t need. (I don’t take any prescription meds now.). This is aside from the detox meds. The detox med adavan caused me to lose my speech for 3 days. It is a side effect, although rare. They blamed it on a UTI I got while I was there. I got E. coli while I was there. I had to eat off of the salad bar for 4 1/2 days as they had no gluten free food or snacks for me. I lost 7 pounds while there and normally weigh around 108 pounds. Therapy was ridiculous. In group, my therapist, Michelle, spent time discussing black holes or justifying her belief that the world was flat or discussing astrology. She cut and pasted my “treatment plan” and it was full of false information about my past. She woke me up at 6pm from a deep sleep pressuring me to sign the plan. The deep sleep was the result of some psychotropic drug they gave me and I couldn’t speak, read, or even sign the thing. They are not 12 step based by any stretch of the imagination, although they do have people come in in the evenings to run a speaker meeting. They threatened my daughter and placed fear in her heart. They tolerated both verbal and physical abuse between patients. I was physically assaulted 3 times and each time, they took the patient back. I did not feel safe. The psychiatrist will meet with you everyday, but don’t expect more then 1-2 minutes with him.... Before I left, the finance guy said I didn’t owe any money. However, after I left, my daughter and I got frequent, threatening phone calls and the person said I owed $44,000. If so, that’s a cost of over $2000 per day, as I was there for 21 days. This place should be shut down. I made the mistake of placing my trust and my physical and emotional well being in their care. It is a revolving door and is not the place to go and get stable. Besides, the real work begins, one day at a time, once one leaves. I thank my higher power I got on the real road to recovery. The Watershed is NOT the eplace to begin, as evidenced by the many people who return there, over and over.



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