Wings Adolescent Treatment Services Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Friday, February 09, 2018 11:53 AM MST.


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When my son was at the treatment, He attempted to commit suicide twice and the facility did not contact me, on the second attempt, they sent him to the hospital without notifying me. I later on found out upon my unexpected visit at the treatment that my son was no longer at the treatment. I was furious and pulled my son out. Later on I received a bill from a collection agency, that I did not know about. I had called to talk to Mary their billing clerk, she told me she will let me know if insurance will not cover so I can handle the situation. Since 8/1/17 @ 11:00 am, I have not received a call from her. I then asked when she has submit to insurance and why did she not call me as what was discussed about in the first place, being that I was waiting for Mary's return call, I had no knowledge of what the billing situation ended up at. She rudely and unprofessionally cut me off by stating that it's not her resposiblity. To me, it is her responsiblity. I was waiting for an answer, on what the response were from the insurance so I can take care of the bills. Being that I did not recieve any call from Mary, nor did I get any billing statment from Wings I had thought the situation were taken care of, until a letter from collection agency came. I would say they have poor staffs, poor service, and Mary, you are of a poor inmoral person to disrespect me, and cut me off.



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