FMC Dialysis Center Snapfinger Review by Anonymous

A member review of the dialysis center completed on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 9:27 PM MST.


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Snapfinger is good for you if you work and need dialysis but not good professionally if you work long hours and have a long day and come in to people that will talk to you like any kind of way like they have a chip on there shoulder ghetto but when management is there helpful I don't feel a person has to be talked to in a matter that deem disrespectful this should be a place you come to receive treatment that keeps you alive tonight I walked out with blood all over my bandages and was told wash that when you get home wow I'm older and don't appreciate having people get a attitude with me because they appear to have a bad day I'm just trying to live it's been countless altercations I'm afraid to speak on with management in fear of something going wrong with my treatment I just want to receive a treatment in a Positive atmosphere. I would even except a ok atmosphere I'm not a person to argue I just accept it and write this review in hope that mabe change would happen. And not all employees are like that there are three people that have to soul of a angel a good spirit but there are a lot that seem like they hate there job but why put disabled people threw something like that I'm sorry I'm just puzzled. Please HELP PLEASE I don't know what to do. It's bad enough I'm dying do I have to go threw torment before I go I'm just tired HELP. I hate coming but it's so close for me. I can't believe I'm in tears I've been threw so much in my life I'm just tired I shouldn't have to go threw



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