Providence Seaside Hospital Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Saturday, March 24, 2018 4:29 PM MST.


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The WORST hospital we have ever experienced! Stay away, stay far, far away! My daughter is 21 and has a long history of respiratory issues, dating back to shortly after birth. We live in Seaside and in the early morning hours of 3/16 I had to bring her into the ER as she had Influenza B and pneumonia, which was diagnosed the day before. After 3-4 hours in the ER, she was finally admitted. The first issue was that shortly after getting her into a room, they brought in a bedside commode. I asked what that was for and the nurse stated that the room had a shared bathroom and there was a male in the other room, so my daughter would have to use the bedside commode. I was floored. I stated that this was disgraceful and disrespectful to my daughter and told them to find another room or make the male use the commode because I would not allow for my daughter to be treated like this. They moved her to another room down the hall and stated I wouldn't be able to leave the room myself because it was away from the nurses station and they wouldn't be able to hear her if needed. Once situated in the room, I looked around and there was no monitors, no pulse oximeters. I asked why and stated to them that I expected her to be monitored, especially with a pulse ox as her sat rates plummeted earlier to the mid 80's range when she fell asleep. Typically, when she sats at 88 or under, she needs to go on oxygen. The nurse seemed taken back by my request and stated that they normally don't do that. Again, I was floored. I then demanded she be monitored. The nurse stated she didn't know where one was at and would have to find one. She finally "found" one and turned it on, but didn't even know how to operate it! The alarm was constantly going off and as she fumbled through the settings trying to figure out how to silence it, I walked over and immediately hit the silence alarm button clearly marked. I then had to show her how to set the low sat rate mark so the alarm would pick it up and sound off. A registered nurse who doesn't even know how to use a pulse oximeter...what? Basic 101 nursing here. Pathetic! By this time it was obvious to me that my daughter's health and well being was at risk in this so called hospital. I then demanded that she be transferred out of her e and to another hospital in Portland. Once the transfer went through, they brought me transfer papers to sign and they had stated that "family prefers higher level of care due to patient having Downs Syndrome" Again, I was floored and told them they were being discriminatory with this statement and told them the reason we were leaving was because of the lack of competence in providing quality care to my daughter, not because of her having Down syndrome. They even described it as 'Downs" which is not correct. But, what should I expect from these incompetent and discriminatory idiots. We will NEVER step foot in this hospital again! Pretty sad when those in the local community have to seek out quality care outside of their community hospital.



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