A Forever Recovery Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, May 17, 2018 10:59 AM MST.


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Going to A Forever Recovery was great for me. I’ve only been to one other rehab but for me at least AFR was a much better facility. For one, I actually liked it there. The staff were great, really kind and caring. The building was nice and clean and the area it’s in is really pretty. For another, the programs they have there makes it so that you are stuck doing a program you hate or a program that just doesn’t help you. Another thing is that that there’s no time restrictions there. You’re there for as long as it takes you to do your program, it doesn’t matter how long. Because I enjoyed being there, because everyone was so friendly and helpful, it was easy being there to do my program and it was easy to stay there until I knew I had it right. Don’t get me wrong the program I did was hard work and I had some rough times while doing it but, it was easier to be there working hard on my program and that made all the difference in the world for me. I graduated from AFR 6 months ago and I’ve done great since being home. It isn’t always easy to stay sober but, I have the support of my family and I have whatever help I need in order to stay on track and so I’ve been able to stay sober. My life is so much better since going to AFR. It’s a place I’d recommend to anyone.



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