Gaudenzia, Inc Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Sunday, June 03, 2018 2:55 PM MST.


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I was just a patient at this facility for around 75 days. The program director right now, Carmen Davis, is absolutely horrible. She acts very "street" or "hood" and treats her facility in the same manner. She is racist against white people and actually makes fun of them, especially if someone came from a good family, which is considered a privledge nowadays and shouldn't be used against someone like they do here. The supervisor, Aaron Harris, is good. He seems like he'd know what he was doing when it came to counseling, but you never see him, he spends most of his time in the office or with the guys (I am a female). Within the 75 days I was there, there was about 4 staff changes.. very unstructured. One of the female counselors was coming to work HIGH everyday!! With needle marks on her arms and that counselor ended up not showing up to work one day, than got fired.. rather than being fired for coming in HIGH!! The other female counselor is also "hood" and finds it okay to use hand motions while yelling and finds it okay to scream as loud as she can.. The worst part about NGina is that she sits in group and talks about how important this is or how important that is, then when groups over, she sits outside and smokes with the patients who aren't doing these said things and MAKES FUN OF OTHER PATIENTS WITH THEM!!! There was a group of people who got high, and I mean they had NEEDLES, DOPE, CRACK AND COKE.. And they didn't get kicked out, they were all just put back onto orientation and treated like they were new guys instead.. but when a female gets caught talking to a guy, even just saying a few words, I've seen them kick people out over that.. They want you to tell on people when they're not following the rules, and say it's "helping your fellow sister/brother," then you go and tell on them and the STAFF actually calls it snitching!!! And they make you feel stupid for doing what they told you to do, than again they talk shit about you to the other clients!!! Saying stuff about how they cant believe you told, than in group the staff acts totally different.. YOU CANNOT TRUST THE STAFF WHATSOEVER. If you want help with addiction, help with grieving a loss or any other issues you have, and you think long term care will help, do NOT go here.. there is no actual help. The only thing I got out of here was more clean time and a few good friends that I learned more from than the staff. There are a few good techs here, Jim is great.. Wanese is good too. They're just basically the babysitters, so it sucks that they're not more because those are two people you can really trust. This place needs a new program director.. Carmen does NOT belong here whatsoever, and she's only been there a little while. But she's rude, arrogant, trashy, hood and acts way too street to be in a position such as this. She tells people she wants to see more emotions, than when you cry she says you're dramatic. She contradicts everything she says. She favors people. It's horrible. She talks about the way people dress, gives you a look than tells you to "get your life," which is messed up because not everyone has a lot of things.



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