St. Leonard Healthcare Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the nursing home completed on Sunday, July 08, 2018 2:49 PM MST.


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My mother lives a cottage which is very nice. She moved here to set herself up in the event that she need assisted living or rehabilitation, that she would not burden her family. She had to have a extensive back surgery which gave her the opportunity to use the rehabilitation unit. When she arrived at the center from the hospital, two men came with a wheel chair(arm was held on with tape) to get her out of the car. Upon entering the rehab I notice how dirty the carpet was. Her private room was furnished with old furnishings. There was ant traps in the corner of the room and their air conditioning was not working properly, you could not breathe in the room. The evening shift there is one LPN and one aide to care for 15 rehabilitation patients, not nearly enough to care for post surgery patients. She was served food trays with ants running on them. She too had ants crawling up her legs, body and brace. Not to mention the food was gross. She is diabetic, her blood sugars were taken in the middle of eating and medication given when the nurse could get to them(randomly). They only wanted to bathe her three times a week. With her extensive back surgery she need to move around, only to wait forever for help. She was supposed to stay there for 6 weeks, after barely making 2 weeks, I am caring for her myself at home. They also sent her to have her back brace adjusted in a 35 passenger bus that was old and pounded her back so badly that it is now fractured and her screws are loose requiring another surgery. The air conditioning on the bus was broken and the windows could not be opened on a heat advisory day, temperatures were unbareable. So our observations with St. Leonard’s is, as long as you are well this is a very nice place to live. It is when you are most venerable, needing extended care that St. Leonard’s is lacking.



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