Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Sunday, November 11, 2018 5:15 PM MST.


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When I was 21 (14 years ago, ahh!), I stayed at Palmetto for 4 months. The staff and fellow patients positively impacted me far more than I can properly describe in an Internet review. I miss my counselor, Carol, like crazy. She was a sharp, straight-shooter, which is exactly what I needed in a counselor when I was at rock bottom. She absolutely conveyed how deeply she cared about each of us. Yes, the facilities are simple, but the care I received was first rate. I did spend the first month hating on every single thing about the place and in complete denial of my situation, but I finally came around. Our daily small group meetings were like having excellent therapy sessions times ten and I wish I could still have those regularly in my life to this day! There were plenty of painful routines, like FCCs (Fears/Cares/Concerns) meeting where it stung to receive “criticism” from other patients; however, I can’t recall ever receiving or hearing other people receive unwarranted or excessive FCCs. In hindsight, those “criticisms” may have been some of the most meaningful and motivating moments of my rehab stint. My only complaints are that there was no guidance regarding food (we ate the most unhealthy foods and tons of them, basically subbing one addiction for another for me) and that I felt like I was living in a cabin in a mediocre summer camp. I was/am snobby though, haha, so I doubt the facilities are actually grim. Just basic! I highly recommend Palmetto.



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