A Forever Recovery Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, December 13, 2018 12:17 PM MST.


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I was shocked when my parents told me they were sending me to A Forever Recovery. I wasn’t actually addicted to anything. I’m not saying I had a drug problem that I felt I could handle on my own. I didn’t consider what I was using to be a problem at all. I had used meth a couple times over a couple month period. I didn’t have a drug of choice. I had a habit that could barely be called a habit at all. My parents had found some meth in a bag of mine and to them it didn’t matter how many times I had used. The fact that I had it at all was grounds for sending me to rehab. When they confronted me about it I thought I’d be going to some NA meetings with them. That they’d do the whole scared straight thing. Instead it was if I wanted to keep living with them, if I wanted them to help with college, then I was going to AFR. Truthfully, it was embarrassing going to rehab for something that I considered so minor. I’m not trying to diminish the fact that I was using a pretty hard drug. I just didn’t think it warranted rehab. Plus, most of the people I was in the program with had been using for years. Being asked what my drug of choice was when I didn’t really have one was a bit embarrassing. Being asked how long I’d been using when it was only a couple months, embarrassing. Being asked how much of a habit I had, yeah, embarrassing. I got over it though and once I did the program helped me a lot. I saw how it didn’t matter how much or little I had used. I had developed some pretty awful habits both having to do with using and not. All those habits are what doing the program helped me address. When I first got to AFR I didn’t think it would help me at all but, it was good for me. AFR wasn’t a bad place at all, much nicer than I thought rehab would be like. There’s also some really decent people working there too and they were easy to work with. They understood my history and didn’t try to convince me that I was an addict or that my problem was worse than it was. They just helped me figure out what I had ever used in the first place and once I figured that out they helped me deal with those things so that I didn’t ever want to use again. I was at AFR for a month. Other clients were there longer but the way AFR works is that you’re there for as long or as short a time as you need. Which is nice. I would’ve hated doing a 6 month program for a 2 month barely there habit. Now that I’ve been to AFR and have done my program there, I’m glad my parents were so adamant about sending me. I don’t know that I would’ve ended up as some hardcore addict or anything but now that I’ve done my program I know that it won’t ever happen.



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