Northeast Occupational Exchange Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 4:24 AM MST.


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Subcontracted cleaning job at NOE Bangor and Newport Maine for about 3 years. Did SEVERAL other Jobs for them also! I used Sharon Greenleaf as a Reference for a job about 6 months ago. She said I was an outstanding worker., she even told how one night when her building had heat issues I stayed past my scheduled time to make sure pipes did not freeze. I had no idea who to call so I started calling everyone I knew that worked there. Ended up staying HOURS just to make sure the pipes did not freeze. Working there over three years.. there were a few times that I was not paid for the week I worked. sometimes it would go TWO weeks without being paid. but they always paid so it was not a big deal. Then about 8 months ago CHRIS OGONOWSKY was hired to do billing. There was ALWAYS a reason he would not pay me! first it was that he was not receiving my invoices, this went on for months. he was going two and three weeks without paying me. he even told me that he has a family and he can not write on demand checks and he can pay me when he feels like it and there is nothing I can do.. Really!! asking to be paid after three weeks of working.. is asking for on demand checks!!!?? so he told me to start texting him the bills. so I did. it went smooth for a few weeks, then again two to three weeks without being paid. So I told him if I do not get paid for the week I work I will not be going to work that next weekend. so three weeks go by and he is actually paying on time. well CHRISTMAS WEEK comes I submit my bill by TEXT as I was instructed. he was to text me back when check is ready. he NEVER text me the Friday before Christmas. so I assumed the check was not ready. therefor I did not work that next Sunday. ( and to not pay someone the week before Christmas .. well is just wrong!! ) Chris Ogonowsky knew I would not be working that sunday because I had just told him I would not be working if I was not paid. My boss from Newport Text me asking me why I did not come in? I said because Chris Ogonowsky did not pay me.. I also told her that NOE was going two and three weeks without paying me. and that I will not be working if I am not paid for the week I work. so Chris text me telling me he can pay me when he wants... he has a family, and he can only work at certain times, so I said well if you had paid me and not gone two and three weeks without paying me, we would not have this problem. and that if he did his job, I would not be not going to work or texting him for my checks. I had had it, I was done!! I was returning my keys and letting them know I was not longer going to fight to be paid. so CHRIS OGONOWSKY text me the next week telling me that my check was ready. and to return the keys. I guess he thought he was a big deal and was letting me go... then in with my check he included a letter saying that here is my last check. and the dates he had paid me to PROVE they do not owe anymore money. like I ever asked for anything that was not owed!!!! Chris OGONOWSKY you were right I guess you can pay me whenever u felt like it and there was nothing my small company could do about it, but you were the problem, not doing your job. and to not pay someone just before Christmas!! well... it says alot about you. its funny I go from and outstanding worker... to someone you CHRIS OGONOWSKY thinks he has to prove that you do not own my company anything more, as if I asked you for anything other than what was owed.



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