A Forever Recovery Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, February 07, 2019 10:36 AM MST.


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I started using prescription drugs 5 years ago. When I started using my sister had already become addicted, though I didn’t know it at the time. I’ve had bad headaches most of my life but stayed away from prescription drugs and just tried to deal with the pain, never taking anything stronger than an Advil when I had a headache. I was with her one day when I had one and she offered a Vicodin which I took. It helped, it got rid of the pain and I was so happy about it. I went to my doctor and got a prescription for myself and for over a year I took that prescription as I should have. Never taking it when I didn’t have a headache and only taking what I was prescribed. About 4 years ago that changed when I had a week of headaches. It was awful and I spent that whole week on Vicodin. I realized later that taking the Vicodin probably made it worse but at the time I just wanted the pain to stop. After that I started using more, using it when I didn’t have a headache and I got a stronger prescription from my doctor. For a while I was able to hide it all from my husband. He didn’t have any reason to think I was abusing my prescription and I still did everything I had always done. I still went to work every day, still cooked and cleaned. He realized that I might be addicted when my sister’s husband told him that he was sending my sister to rehab. He told my husband some of what he’d noticed and my husband realized that he’d been noticing those things too. He asked me about it and I finally told him what had been going on. We started looking for rehabs to send me to. He didn’t want me going to the same place as my sister and I completely agreed with that. When we found A Forever Recovery in Michigan we settled on it. We live in Arkansas so it’s not exactly close but, it had everything we wanted and the people we spoke to on the phone were great. It really was an amazing facility and exactly what I needed. The staff are super kind and understanding and yet they were great about making sure I truly understood each step of my program before letting me move on to the next. AFR is the only rehab I’ve been to and before looking for a rehab to go to I didn’t realize how many different programs there were. I thought the 12-step program was the only one. When I realized how many different programs there were out there I was confused about what to do. Which is another reason AFR was perfect for me. They have different programs there and they helped me choose the right one for me. While I was at AFR they helped me find other ways of dealing with my headaches so that I didn’t fall back to using prescription medication when I had one. They were also great with my husband while I was there. They kept him informed about my progress and helped him understand what I was going through and how best to help me stay clean when I got home. I’ve been sober since going to AFR and I’m so grateful for the help I received there. My sister relapsed and because of what I learned when I was at AFR I was able to handle myself and the situation without using. I can see in my sister where I would’ve been if I hadn’t gone to AFR so I know exactly how much going to A Forever Recovery changed things for me.



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