A Forever Recovery Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, June 27, 2019 12:00 PM MST.


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The other day I was speaking with my aftercare specialist from A Forever Recovery and she asked me to write some reviews about myself success after going through my program. I don’t talk to her much anymore because I’ve been clean for 2 years now and she only calls to check on me occasionally now. I can’t explain exactly how amazing it feels to have 2 years of sobriety. That’s 2 years of living my life on my own terms, 2 years of not being an amazingly absolute disappointment to my family. I had used heroin for 10 years before going into the program at AFR. During that 10 years I averaged 2 rehabs a year. By the time I was 30 I’d been to over 20 rehabs. And it didn’t matter what kind of program I tried, what sort of facility I went to whether state run or a private facility. Nothing worked for me. I didn’t always relapse immediately but I did always relapse and my sobriety didn’t last longer than 6 months. When I went into the program at AFR I wanted to get clean. I had struggled with my addiction for so long and it had ruined every personal relationship in my life as well as completely draining the people around me. My parents were miserable because of me, my sister stayed engaged for 5 years because she was afraid of me showing up high at her wedding. I hadn’t even talked to my brother in over 3 years. I knew I ruining everything and as much as I struggled to fix it, I couldn’t. When I went to AFR my parents were at the end of their rope. The last few rehabs they had sent me to it was more to keep me out of trouble then because they thought it would work. I went for mostly that reason as well. As much as I didn’t want it I was convinced I’d end up dying from an overdose before I’d get permanently clean. As much as my parents wanted me sober, they were waiting for that phone call informing them I was dead. My parents sent me to AFR just to try something different, we all hoped for a miracle but none of us actually expected it and that’s what AFR was for me. An absolute miracle. The staff that worked with me during my program were completely relentless in ensuring I did my program the right way. I’d been through so many that I didn’t always try as hard as I should have. The staff didn’t let me get away with that, they made sure I did it all and that it was done right. Which I totally needed. The dedication and commitment that the staff at AFR have towards their client’s sobriety is something I hadn’t experienced before. All the staff working there were completely invested in making me and everyone I went through the program with stayed sober. When I first got home after I finished my program I was terrified. I had done everything right while I was there but being home was completely different for me and I needed a lot of help and guidance. I called my aftercare specialist almost daily. She helped me so much. Helped me deal with all the emotions being home had created. Helped me work out and deal with every hiccup, snag and problem I encountered. Much of my sobriety is due to the staff that helped me through my program. Just as much is due to aftercare specialist who was always there to talk when I needed help. Absolutely all of my continued sobriety is due to the staff at AFR who didn’t let me give up and were just as dedicated to my sobriety as I was. It’s hard to explain just how much it meant to me and how much it still means to me that these people who I’d just met care so much about me, my life and my sobriety. It’s not hard to know what my life would’ve have been like if I hadn’t gone to AFR and I’m so grateful my parents found and got me into that program. Not only am I still alive because of it, I actually have a life because of it, a real, honest to God happy life.



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