Medicine Wheel Clinic Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Friday, March 06, 2020 9:27 AM MST.


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Let me start off by saying, I was a patient here for years. I never had to charge, I had the money to pay, and I always had clean screens. I took my recovery seriously. I would see the way they would treat the people that couldn't pay, they would berate them and talk down to them in front of everyone, right at the pay window! The way you are treated is HORRIBLE, even when you do everything right. These reviews are because of how they treat you like you are less than human, like you don't deserve any kind of respect. You are belittled and you can't even get any real counseling because they change staff more often than I change clothes. I was called a junkie by Adriana and I am not the only one she has spoken to like that. They are not here to help you. They want to keep you stuck. Also, there have been rumors that the medication is getting watered down because mine and other client's takehomes have been different levels and different shades of color! I have been on the same dose for years and can tell a difference in strength at my new clinic! That can't be right! The place is very dirty, there are certain couches and seats that patients won't even sit on because of how disgusting it is. The wallpaper is peeling off the walls and don't get me started on how dead animals would get caught in the walls and it would smell so bad for weeks because they refused to even fix that. THIS HAPPENED MORE THAN ONCE! I saw people throw up from the smell. These reviews are true. I have seen it for years and the only reason I continued to put up with it was because there was NOWHERE ELSE TO GO and they knew it. They would throw that in your face all of the time. Not anymore though, there is finally another AMAZING, clean, and caring clinic in Winder.



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