Holmes Regional Medical Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Friday, May 28, 2021 8:49 AM MST.


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My 65 year old brother, who had been in excellent health, was admitted to Holmes on April 18th. They did not treat him aggressively, so he was transferred to IMC on April 21st with blood clots in his lungs. He died there on May 25th. He had one complication after another, including the collapse of both lungs, a clot in his leg, and a 50 pound weight loss! I begged them to give him extra nutrition either by IV or feeding tube, and they ignored me. He had so much anxiety, he had difficulty breathing the entire time, and again, I had to beg they give him something for it. I also asked if he could have a psychology eval to deal with his fears, but I was told they don’t do that in IMC. When he took a drastic turn for the worst, they told us a ventilator wouldn’t help at that point, so he passed away. I am angry, and I want answers about why their treatment was reactive and not proactive. I doubt I will ever learn the truth. If someone you love gets Covid, do NOT take them to Holmes, since they do not know what they are doing. If I can spare another family our pain and anguish, then I will be happy I could help them. He didn’t deserve to die.



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