Washington County Hospital Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 4:59 PM MST.


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I have had two surgeries at Washington County Hospital in the past3 years, one was one week ago. I have also been to their er on a couple of occaisions. This is the worst hospital I have ever been in. The first surgery was on my spine. I woke up in recovery and was refused any pain medication. This was even though my doctor had ordered it for me. It was the recovery room nurse who refused me my pain medication. This time I had total hip replacement and on my 3rd night there after surgery I was unable to sleep due to the intense pain. I asked every hour for the nurse to bring me pain medication and kept getting told that I needed to wait 30 min. I got the same response every hour. They just refused to bring me any until the next morning. By then, I was wracked with pain. The nurses are rude and inconsiderate and to pull things like this is just ridiculous. Don't even think about goingto the ER there. You will wait more than 5-6 hours to be seen by a doctor even though they are not busy or they will forget you are there and may not see you all night. This has happened to me, my daughter and my friend on several occaisions. Extreme lack of concern for patients. If you can, ask to go to another hospital.



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worst hospital yet

worst hospital yet

Me and 6 other people were involved in a four car accident we were then brought to washington county hospital by ambulance upon arrival they were so unorganized,the staff was rude, I had abrasions on my face due to the impact of the air bags they didnt even clean them they told me when i get home i can clean them with soap and water and i'd be ok i mean what are you getting paid for to tweedle with your thumbs ??? i think not

Tuesday, June 01, 2010 9:29 PM MST

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