Banner Estrella Medical Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Monday, February 14, 2011 12:58 AM MST.


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Took Mother into ER as her surgical incision had started to separate. Major abdominal surgery was performed 01/24/11 at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Scottsdale. Her physician at Mayo recommended we take her to the closest ER for evaluation & to ascertain whether an infection was developing. Mom nearly passed out (due to weekness & probably a little stress) waiting in line just to get her name on the list for triage. They put her in a wheel chair and she saw a triage nurse rather quickly, but the RN couldn't have acted less interested. Then we were told to wait in the waiting room until called back. It took a two-and-a-half hour wait to get into a room... For someone with a reopening wound post surgery, simply unacceptable. It really appeared if you held your stomach & said you were in pain, you'd get quicker service. When the smug doctor came in (Minior), he asked what we were doing there since she had surgery at Mayo. Um, maybe because she needs evaluation and care of the surgical site NOW, not after a 60 minute drive to Mayo. He ordered some blood work & casually looked at her abdomen. We were moved into another room to wait for a blood draw, then another room for the actual draw, then another waiting room to await her blood results. After waiting & waiting, a nurse took us to a bedside to give my mother discharge instructions. What? Weren't they going to clean the wound and do a temporary Steri-strip taping to insure there was no more separation until she could get to the Mayo surgeon in the morning? NO. We were told that because of "legal ramifications" the doctor wouldn't treat the wound?!? Mom was given an Rx for Bacitracin topical ointment & we were sent on our way at around 8:00p. Then at around 8:30p I received a call from Banner Estrella ER saying that my Mother left with her IV still in. We could come back & they'd remove it, or I could remove it for her... She was never given an IV while there!!! I really can't believe the disorganization & unprofessionalism we encountered there. I will never return there again. What a world of difference between the knowledge, caring & compassion she receives at Mayo, compared to a lack of all at Banner Estrella ER. Shame on you, Banner Estrella! Get your act together.



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