Sea MAR Behavioral Health Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, June 16, 2011 1:44 PM MST.


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If you actually have substance abuse issues then MAYBE Sea Mar could help, but otherwise don't get involved with them unless you'd like to be caught in a never ending loop of "needing more help". Through the first few meetings and interview I had at Sea Mar I felt fine about the place. Staff was friendly and helpful. I even enjoyed talking with the counselor I interviewed with and actually thought the program seemed reasonable enough, until some comments made at the end of the interview, still I wasn't too worried. Then came the drug test. Now, I had no problem passing a court ordered UA for work release at the county correctional facility less than a week earlier, but Sea Mar's comes back positive for THC (no I did not smoke in between). As a result they want to bump me up from the court ordered program of one meeting a week for 5 months to 3 meetings a week for a year (and then slowly phase it down). I immediately canceled they're "Services" and will hopefully find another treatment center that will treat me fairly. I may have lost my deposit but I don't really care, I won't be involved with such a despicable organization. They only get paid if you "need more help", you do the math.



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