Fulton County Medical Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Thursday, September 22, 2011 2:04 AM MST.


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I went to this hospital when I had my stroke in 2011. I had trouble walking, eating, and doing things for myself. I was disappointed with the overall care I received. I had to usually wait a long time before a nurse answered my call bell. They seemed all most irritated that I was interrupting them with my problem, like going to the bathroom!. Speech therapy was a joke. The therapist tried to be nice but she wasn't very knowledgeable and seemed like she didn't know what to do for me.. She had a hard time answering my and my families questions. She also had trouble explaining what she was doing and how it was suppose to help me. Fortunately, I went to another hospital where they found out what was really wrong with my swallow and knew how to treat it. Now I can eat and drink whatever I want. Physical therapy was OK. I didn't care too much for the person who did my evaluation. She seemed rushed and didn't have much time to answer questions. I didn't see her after the first visit. The assistant therapists I saw later were much nicer and seemed to care. They were very nice and pleasant to talk with. Another bright spot was my doctor and his staff. They said they were aware of the problems with some of the nurses and therapists and suggested I go to another facility for my rehab program. I'm so glad I did just that. I don't think I would have been able to return home if I had stayed at the McConnellsburg Hospital. I won't go back to Fulton County Medical Center if I have something serious going on. I definitely won't be going there if I have another stroke!



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