Black Hills Dialysis Eagle Butte Review by Anonymous

A member review of the dialysis center completed on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 6:50 PM MST.


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Employee So healthcare has to do with a patient's care, treatment, and how they are associated with their caregivers. One caregiver is Dennis Hopkins. He is a cheater, liar, stealer, and pathetic excuse for a man. He doesn't know the scancity of marriage if it hit him on his big head. He lies so much, he believes himself. He should get off the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation because obviously, now, no one wants him here. He talks poorly of our Cheyenne River government when he has no right. He isn't a man, just a pathetic lost soul who i hope God can forgive. He defaces the very company he works for. Talks nonsense behind his coworkers backs, which gives tension to the patiets atmosphere of care. He cannot stand his co-workers. Ms. Mraz - is a dear dear wonderful woman. He cannont see other people happy. He needs to be above them, so why is he in the field of healtcare. Its down right ashame.



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