Malvern Institute Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, February 16, 2012 8:20 AM MST.


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My Ex-husband has been to this facility multiple times while we were still married and I was carrying him on my medical insurance, IBH. They did not help him with his issues and I believe they were only picking him up to collect the insurance money. He had two separate stays at the Transition House, which is located in an old motel. He loved it there, but it didn’t help him one bit. During a three month period in early 2011, he would go on a binge and when he wasn’t able to get out to get his drug of choice, he’d call up Malvern and they would send a driver over 50 miles one way to pick him up for detox. They would detox him and take him back to where ever it was he was living at the time. Two weeks later, they’d send a driver to pick him up again, keep him for 6 days in detox and send him back out again. The insurance company refused to pay for any more rehab, but Malvern was able to collect because the detox was “medically necessary”. He was there for detox after our divorce and I actually had a woman from Malvern call me at work to get a phone number to call for Cobra for him. I’m sure they’d fill out the form for him so they again could “collect” additional revenue off of him. He doesn’t have any money to pay for Cobra so they released him. Malvern is clearly in the business to make money off of individuals with a terrible disease and enable them continue in the disease so Malvern is able to continue to collect the insurance money off of those who are lucky enough to have it.



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