Aberjona Nursing Center, Inc Review by Anonymous

A member review of the nursing home completed on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 9:44 AM MST.


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NOTE: I filled in the above blanks because the form forced me to. After one visit, we decided NOT to use this facility. First impression: the "front" door -- which is around the back -- has seven steps to reach the door! (The other entrance, at ground level, is difficult to find). Second, we were shown around by an uninterested/bored RN who was curt and seemed reluctant to spend more than about 10 minutes with us. Finally -- the clincher -- the smell of stale urine overwhelmed us when we got off the elevator at the patient floor. Worse than the smell of a bus-station men's room. In addition, we visited after dinner and the halls were filled with drowsy (drugged??) patients who showed no spark -- though all seemed clean and well cared-for. Questions: rdanca@gmail.com



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