Renal Care of Oil City, Inc Review by Anonymous

A member review of the dialysis center completed on Thursday, May 24, 2012 10:03 PM MST.


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There are 15 station 1RN (usually due to other one being called to hospital or Clarion)and 2 other workers either techs or 1 L.P.N and 1 tech for all the patients. If they are hooking up or disconnecting there is no one to tend to the patients that may be suffering a dropping blood pressure, infiltration of fistula , or other conditions requiring immediate care. The floors are always dirty, the sliding inside door does not work properly even after numerous complaints turned into staff. There is no sterile procedures used and would not call them even clean procedures at times. There is no privacy available even for patients that have to pull pants down to be hooked up to machine for treatment. There is no way to call for help in chairs except by mouth and that sometimes is not possible to speak. We are treated like we have come in for an "oil change" hooked up and left until treatment is done unless machine alarms. No education is given except a little by the dietician. Not even sure what the social worker is there for. There is no generator there when power is loss and recently treatments for all were delayed a few hours because of loss of power. something else that is bad with lack of staff not enough there to run machines manually if power lost for the many incapable of turning knob to get their blood back into their body. Family members that stay at clinic for length of treatment is not allow to check on their family member nor are they informed of how their family member is doing. The doctor does not follow up on us when in hospital he just signs charts and in the last 5 months he has chose not to see any of us 2 months out of the 5 months. He knows nothing about any of us. We all are very appreciative for Mr. Jay Higgins P.A.for Brooker if it was not for this man many of us would not be here. Jay is very caring and is dedicated to all of us and sees us several times a day while in the hospital and also at the clinic. When rounds are made it is Jay with all the answers. This man works 7 days a week yet never treats any of us with disrespect or "just a patient". If it was not for Jay this clinic would not be in operation!!! Thank you Jay!!!



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